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? the u.s. consulates in -- is this the thanks that they get? the u.s. consulate in been gauzy rex. -- in benghazi wrecked. the wave of anti-americanism rolled on through the region. in yemen. in iraq, they burned the stars and stripes, chanting "no to america, no to israel." meanwhile in egypt, police fired tear gas at demonstrators in a third day of unrest. democracy in north africa, halted by the west, facing to radical anti-western groups that were once suppressed by the ubiquitous security forces. soon after last year's uprising in libya, we went to a newly liberated town, famous or notorious for sending an unusually high number of young muslims and to fight american forces in iraq. some former soldiers return to their own country last year, joining revolutionary militias, and keeping their weapons even after gaddafi was overthrown. s he says he knows the group' influenced but -- influenced by al-qaeda were behind the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> it is first hand information. it is direct information. they believe libya cannot be a hub for the conflict. but it should be u
bank, our retionship managers work hard s to understand the industry you operate in. working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> can unmanned drones be the future of policing? and where will that leave any chance of privacy? this week the drones which have transformed warfare and which could soon be used by ordinary people. >> unmanned drones, we can be watched in our -- on our own property and even in our own homes. >> and should science be used to reduce the risk of children being born disabled? we ask if it could possibly be making a respectful comeback. >> there are powerful moral reasons to enhance human beings and indeed human beings are self-improvers. >> from science fiction movies or perhaps as high tech weapons in the skies over iraq or afghanistan, but over the next decade the use of drone technology by ordinary people is set to increase, far sums are being spent on civilian drone projects and everything from police surveillance to amateur photography. in the
. farmers fought for and won control of the land in the 1990's. they built their own houses. the town symbolizes one part of the dream that many spaniards brought, the social europe coexisting with the old conservative traditions. the spanish press has compared it to robin hood. he himself prefers the scottish rebel william wallace. >> i think he was a true revolutionary. he came from the lower class and demanded change for his people. he was defeated, though. >> too well, your voice house winners and losers. -- well, you always have winners and losers. >> it is not in he and his utop politicians need to worry about. it is ordinary spanish people. the die is cast for a fall spanish bailout and the conditions will be no drastic changes to the way people live. their concern is obvious. >> somebody had to do something. there should be more like him. it is a beautiful place. we cannot go on this way with more and more unemployment. this region has so much in its favor but we are coming increasingly poor. >> i do not respect his ideas but i respect him because he is a leader and you have t
independence. the region, one of spain's's richest, is bust. >> they do not know where it -- people protest because they do not know where we're going. no one has an explanation of what the government wants to do, except what the prime minister says "we do what we have to do, even if we do not like it." you have to explain what you're doing and why. are to be built -- buildup to the tune of 100 billion euros of taxpayer money. but it will be politically sensitive. tens of thousands were encouraged to buy shares of the banks and they could lose a lot. the crucial question for madrid remains the conditions on the sovereign bailout. germany wants them taw. spain's man on the european commission begs to differ. -- germany wants them taw. >> it is about the different obligations or commitments. that is relevant. >> you do not think spain need any additional substantive austerity measures imposed from outside? >> where we are right now, i don't think so. i think what spain needs is to regain confidence in the way those recommendations have been implemented. >> even if spain weights and protests,
to the target was made up in the 1960's based on figures from the 1940's. when the u.n. look at these figures and said it should be served. 4%. -- 0.4%. >> in a sense it does not matter. it is the policy. i do not believe it is about that but i understand the argument. it is a policy of all three major parties of the last election and so what is happening now is the enactment of democracy. when you go out and talk to the public -- just a year ago, when people were asked the question in a fair way, not, given the recession, can we possibly afford -- >> that was some time ago. support is falling. these millionaires are not paying their fault amount of tax. and they want them to spend money that does not work. they have been shown not to work. >> the same amount of money was to -- page to disasters, you would not have a problem? >> when you have a disaster, it causes chaos on the ground. groups like msf, who are good in these situations, have a huge problem because there is so much money around and there are so many charities exploiting this. >> people are campaigning on these issues and no this
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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